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Bronx Council on the Arts Artist Residency
Application Deadline: March 20th, 2023

The Bronx Council on the Arts is seeking teaching artists to staff artist residencies for youth involved in the criminal justice system from April through December 2023.
This program aims to engage Bronx youth involved in the criminal justice system with the benefits of creative expression. Successful candidates will have experience teaching and working with these youth and will possess a passion for arts education.
Selected artists will receive a stipend in the amount of $3,000. They will work with the organization to further define project goals and coordinate a schedule for residency activities and the use of facilities. Program activities will take place either on Zoom or in person, per the organization’s preference.
All components of the application must be received no later than Monday, March 20th, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST. 

Deadline extended to Friday, March 31st at 11:59 PM EST.

Guidelines available here
Open call for artists age 18 and above, preference given to Bronx residents.
A panel comprised of representatives from the Bronx Council on the Arts will review applications from individuals.
The panels will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:
· Artistic excellence of the proposed workshops
· Potential impact on participants
· Clarity and detail of the project proposal
· Experience teaching and working with youth involved in the criminal justice system
· Selected applicants may be subject to a background check by the organization
The residency award is a contract for services; selected artists will be subject to the following requirements:
· Sign and return a residency agreement
· Track evaluative data, as requested
· Submit a final report on a timely basis after completion of the program
Artists who do not comply with the requirements will jeopardize their funding and future grant consideration.
1. Provide general information, such as name, contact, and a short bio, highlighting experience relevant to this proposal. This bio may be used by BCA or the host organization in publicity materials if your proposal is selected for support (250 words)
2. Fill out demographic information to the level of your comfort, feel free to check as many may apply. The questions on age, gender, ethnicity, and disability are for statistical purposes only and will not be used in making a determination.
3. Locate electoral district numbers, visit: http://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/
For your community board number, visit: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/cau/community-boards/community-boards.page
4. We have three partners.
All programming will take place in person.

Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES) 

i. Located at 424 East 147th Street, Bronx, NY 10455 Would prefer programming in Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, and Media Arts. In their own words: "The mission of the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES) is to increase public safety through innovative services that reduce crime and incarceration, improve behavioral health, promote recovery and rehabilitation, and create opportunities for success in the community."


The Door - Bronx Youth Center

i. Located at 424 East 147th Street, Bronx NY 10455 

Prefers programming in Visual Arts, and Performing Arts,

Their mission is to empower young people to reach their potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a caring environment. They provide employment and education programming for young people between the ages of 16-24. Additionally, the BYC offers a biweekly criminal law clinic, counseling crisis services, a food pantry, and regular recreational activities.


Bronx Connect 

i. Located at 432 E 149th St, Bronx, NY 10455

Since 1999, Bronx Connect has served 2000 youth and young adults in its alternative programs for court-involved high-risk youth. For nearly two decades, it has been the only Bronx-based, faith-based and community-based alternative to incarceration, and alternative to detention program serving our community.

5. Check the specific artistic discipline(s) you are utilizing for this program. Check all that apply. If other, specify the genre.
6. Describe your previous experience working with youth who have been impacted or involved in the New York criminal justice system.
7. Provide a description of the program in summary, including the program title, start and end date, and a short description. This section may be used in your agreement and publicity materials if this proposal is selected for support. (Maximum 250 words)
8. Describe the program in detail. (Maximum 1500 words) NOTE: Residency will be 18 contact hours. Each session should be approximately 60 to 90 minutes. 

  • Detail the artistic discipline(s) you will be utilizing.
  • Describe the materials used, the teaching techniques employed, and the expectations for participation.
  • Describe your goals and objectives for the participants and the entire series.
  • Describe the space and tools necessary to conduct the program. Note: Any supply costs will not be covered by BCA.
  • Describe the artistic activities that will be offered, including information about the expected progression of the course, such as a breakdown of week-to-week activities and an explanation of the intents and purposes behind them.

9. Describe your relevant previous experience. All applicants should describe previous experience that supports this proposal. Include details about work with relevant communities, professional development credentials, experience in community arts programs or work in arts education. (Maximum 1000 words)
10. Work Samples: Upload up to 5 files. Samples should reflect or be examples of the artist’s work and/or artistic work produced in similar workshops conducted (PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPG, GIF, MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV files accepted).
11. Resume: Individual Artists may upload a resume (PDF, DOC).
12. Social Media (Optional)
If your proposal is selected for support, we would like to connect with you on social media. This includes professional websites, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube/Vimeo. This information is not required, and please do not share links to personal accounts if you do not also use them for professional purposes. Social media content will not be considered in the review process.
To Submit Your Application
Bronx Council on the Arts will collect applications using Submittable.com. All applicants can upload their applications at: https://bronxcouncilonthearts.submittable.com/submit/b12555ae-ebcd-46a5-a981-3eb519e74d70/juvenile-justice-artist-residency-2023

Applicants will be directed to create a log-in on Submittable.com using the above link if they do not already have a login. Once the applicant has logged in, they will be asked to fill in their name, phone number, email, and home borough. Applicants will not be able to submit after 11:59 PM on Monday, March 20th, 2023. BCA suggests not waiting until the night of the deadline to submit in case there are technical difficulties. BCA staff is available to assist with application questions at dionne@bronxarts.org.

Thank you for your application!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.