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2023 New Work  
Deadline: Monday, November 14, 2022 at 11:59 PM
Funding for this program is made possible by:
The New York State Council on the Arts’ Statewide Community Regrants program  

New Work (NW) invites individual Bronx-based artists to apply for a commissioning grant in the amount of $2,500 for the creation of a new work in a community setting.
An essential element of this funding is a community engagement component. The project must engage a segment of the community through a public program, such as an exhibition or performance that is open to the public, and/or the inclusion of community involvement in the development and creative process of the artist’s project. This inclusion can be in the form of feedback, response, interaction and/or social practice by or with community members. Some examples of this type of interaction are interviews with a segment of the community, creation of parallel work by a community group, or stories and anecdotes collected from a community group that relate to the concept or content of the project.
New Work is designed to increase support for local artist-initiated activity and to highlight the role of artists as important members of the community. These grants are intended to support creative (not interpretive) professional artists interested in working within a community setting.
With only four (4) awards made each year, New Work is a highly competitive grant process for Bronx artists of all disciplines. Preference will be given to innovative projects that address the concept of community. Competitive proposals will identify the community the artist plans to work with and the methods they will use to reach and include that audience.

An individual artist MUST
Provide one of the following forms of proof of Bronx residency (with same address as that of the application)
     - NYS Driver’s license
     - New York State or New York City ID
     - Voter Registration Card
     - Mortgage, rent receipt or lease agreement
     - Utility bill (e.g., electricity, cable, gas, etc.)
     - Credit card or bank statement (first page only; social security number/financial information blacked out)  
     - NYS or Federal tax return
Applicants may submit up to three requests per year between New Work (NW) and Community Arts (CA). Eligible applicants CANNOT apply to NW and CA for the same project. Total request of all applications submitted cannot exceed $5,000.

Eligible applicants CAN apply to New Work and Arts Fund for the same project.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.